Dragoş Hanciu Hometown

Fotografien von Dragoş Hanciu
5.-14. Mai 2016
Vernissage 4. Mai ab 19 Uhr
5. Mai 20 Uhr Filmvorführung: Brudina
11. Mai 20 Uhr Lesung: JuLy in der Stadt
12. Mai  20 Uhr Filmvorführung: Brudina
14. Mai  19 Uhr  Finissage
Öffnungszeiten Do-So: 11:00-19:00

HOMETOWN is Romanian photographer Dragoș Hanciu’s chronical of his birthplace, shot over a timespan of three years. He began the project shortly after he left for college in Bucharest. In his melancholic longing for home and lost childhood, he took photos of his hometown during his short stays. This exhibition depicts the all-too common small town where most of the present-day Romanian youth grew up, and where post-industrial empty spaces are inhabited by absurd signs of humanity and, sometimes, by raw, spontaneous beauty.

From 5th till 15th May he will show part of the series HOMETOWN @ the färberei.